Ponting is a structural engineering company with a broad spectrum of capabilities in sense of designing significant structures of all kind. Our main occupation is the design of varying types of bridge structures (bridges, viaducts, over- and underpasses). Designing such structures we also study and develop special methods of bridge construction as for instance free cantilever erection, incremental launching method, span-by-span erection (with advanced shoring), segmental method and others. We also have all the answers when the design of structures underground and water (special foundations, arcades, tunnels, portals…) is in question. Just so we also have the expertise to analyse and solve unusual and difficult structural problems.

Ponting was founded in 1990 by Viktor Markelj and Marjan Pipenbaher. Experienced design staffs, together with computer aided drafting, enables Ponting to produce plans, specifications and cost estimates for varying types of bridge projects, ranging from new bridges to widening, strengthening and retrofitting existing bridges.

Ponting successfully blends the expertise, several years of experience, creativeness, dedication, up-to-date computer technology, development of construction methods, latest theoretical developments in risk analysis and practical know-how to assure the client and contractor of receiving a technically sound, well scientific researched and economically designed end product.

Ponting inženirski biro d.o.o. . Strossmayerjeva 28 . 2000 Maribor . Slovenia
T: +386 2 234 40 60 (61) . F: +386 2 234 40 66 . E: ponting(at)ponting.si

Bank account : IBAN SI56 0451 5000 0518 197 (NKBM)
add. tax ID : SI 90414411
Company ID : 5303516000

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