Ada Bridge over Sava in Belgrade

End of year 2004 a design competition was held for the new bridge over Sava River in Belgrade, which was won by Ponting proposal of composite cable-stayed bridge. The bridge is 965 m long with two main spans of 200 m and 376 m and one 200 m high pylon. Due to tender requirements the bridge is 45 m wide, carrying two light railway tracks, two 3-lane highway connections and pedestrian and cyclists walkways on both sides.

Due to design competition win, the Investor trusted Ponting to produce an outline scheme project which served as a tender project for choice of Contractor for the detailed design and bridge construction. For the detailed design phase Ponting took over the independent project check of the detailed design.

At the main spans the bridge is designed as cable-stayed bridge with 200 m pylon. The pylon is tip-shaped, circular in cross section and divided at the base to enable the passage of the light city railway.

In cross section the bridge is designed as a composite steel/concrete superstructure 45.20 m wide and 4.50 m deep.

Project type
Highway/Railway City bridge
Belgrade, Serbia
Ponting Services
Winning competition design / Preliminary / ICE for final and detailed design (independent check engineer)
965 meters
Max. span
376 meters
Total pylon height
200 meters
45,2 meters
53.325 m2
Foundation type
Deep on bored RC piles, diameter 1.50 m
Cable-stayed bridge, steel and concrete
Segmental, cantilever construction and incremental launching
Belgrade land development public agency
mag.prof. Peter Gabrijelčič
JV Porr AG Austria, SCT d.d. Ljubljana, DSD GmbH Germany
WEF Award 2012 – Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012
CES AWARD 2012 – Belgrade, Serbia, 2012
AAB Award – Belgrade, Serbia, 2012
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