Puh Bridge over Drava in Ptuj

Puh bridge is part of the southern bypass of Ptuj and crosses the Drava River in a rather sharp curve. It has two lanes and separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrians. The bridge is characterized by severe restrictions and environmental conditions, and preserves the old city views, dominated by the old castle above the city centre.

These restrictions limited the height of the structure (pylons) to a maximum of 10 meters. The bridge was designed as an extradosed bridge, which are similar in appearance to cable-stayed bridges, but have much lower pylons. It stands on two abutments and four intermediate piers, three of which are in water and one on dry land. The continuous externally prestressed box construction allowed lower pylons through which 4 harps are tensioned.

The entire structure is continuous with expansion joints only on abutments, which lowers the cost of construction and reduces maintenance costs. A special feature of the bridge is its ambient lighting.

Project type
Road bridge
Ptuj, Slovenia
Ponting Services
Winning competition design, preliminary design, final design, detailed design
430 meters
Max. span
100 meters
Span arrangement
65 m + 100 m + 100 m + 100 m + 65 m
18,7 meters
Foundation type
Deep on bored RC piles, diameter 1.50 m
Extradosed bridge
Concrete balanced cantilever construction method
DARS d.d.
mag. prof. Peter Gabrijelčič
JV: SCT d.d. Ljubljana, Porr d.o.o., Slovenia
SCE Award 2007 – Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008
Popular culture
Under the theme Europe-Bridges, the post office of Slovenia depicted Puh's bridge on one of the two special edtion stamps. Date of issue: 25 May 2018.
MARKELJ V. - The First Extradosed Bridge in Slovenia. Structural Engineering International SEI, 2010, 4, 462-467.