Footbridge to Ołowianka Island in Gdansk

Ponting proposal for the new draw footbridge in Gdańsk (Poland) won the international design competition in 2012, convicing the jury to choose out of 68 competing entries reached in from designers all over Europe and World. The bridge convinced the jury through its technical features, unique design and structural and mechanical simplicity.

The footbridge is situated almost in centre of Gdańsk, connecting the old-city River Motława banks and Ołowianka Island with the Baltic Philharmonics, rowing club, large parking and hotel.

For the design of bridge mechanism, belonging public space and facilities Ponting engaged and led a team of prooved Slovenian experts La&Co Ltd (mechanical engineering), Bruto Ltd and Arhitektura Ltd (Landscaping and urban architecture).

After a successful construction-tender, carried out in May 2016, the construction of the new bascule footbridge, between Gdansk old town center and Olowianka Island, started in June 2016. In May 2017,  the first lift of the new bascule bridge to Ołowianka Island in Gdansk was carried out. Without any trouble, and completely according to plan.

The bridge was opened to public on a summer saturday evening of 17th of June 2017. The bridge, over a navigational canal, connects the old town center with the Ołowianka Island. It is lifted for wesels on a hourly schedule and is opereted 24 hours a day.

The bridge won two awards: in Wroclaw in 2017, where the ninth edition of the Bridge Competition was held for design and construction companies operating in the bridge industry in Poland. The competition is non-commercial, and the prizes awarded are a recognition of the innovative approach in the design and construction of bridges. The new bascule footbridge won in the third of four categories ˝completed pedestrian bridge project˝.
In addition, the bridge won the Gdansk City Award for the best architectural implementation of 2016 - 2017. The Award was granted for the design and project implementation for the new draw footbridge.

Project type
Pedestrian and cyclist drawbridge
Gdansk, Poland
Ponting Services
Winning competition design / Preliminary / Final / Detailed design
70,5 meters
Max. span
40 meters
Foundation type
Deep on bored RC piles, diameter 1.00 m
Steel bascule bridge
Preasembled steel structure, cast in situ concrete
City of Gdansk
In cooperation with Mosty Gdańsk Sp. z o.o.
Project team
La&Co d.o.o. (mechanical engineering), Bruto d.o.o. in Arhitektura d.o.o. (landscape architecture and spatial design)
INTERCOR Zawiercie
Minister of Investment and Development Award – Gdansk, Poland, 2019
City of Gdansk Award – Gdansk, Poland, 2018
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