Pelješac Bridge

During its construction, the Pelješac bridge was the largest construction project in Croatia. It is one of the largest bridges in Europe. The bridge connects the Croatian mainland with the Pelješac Peninsula on the Split - Dubrovnik Adriatic coastal Motorway near Komarna. The overall length of the bridge amounts 2404 m, with spans of 84 m + 2 x 108 m + 189.5 m + 5 x 285 m + 189.5 m +2 x 108 m + 84 m.

The bridge is multi-span extradosed cable-stayed bridge with an orthotropic steel deck. The width of the three-cell superstructure is 22.50 m. The pylon heights above the sea level differ from 75.4 m to 100 m. The bridge is founded deeply on driven steel piles of diameter 2.0 m, length from 55 m to 125 m. The central part of the bridge was constructed by balanced cantilever construction method and approach parts were constructed by incremental launching method. The average sea depth in bay is app. 27 m. Dimensions of navigation channel in central span are 250 m x 55 m.

Ponting prepared preliminary and final design. Ponting also prepared complete CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) wind analysis and organized wind-tunnel tests which were performed by Force Technology from Denmark.

Project type
Highway bridge
Komarna - Pelješac, Croatia
Ponting Services
Conceptual / Preliminary / Final design
2.404 meters
Max. span
285 meters
Span arrangement
72.0 + 96.0 + 118.0 + 203.5 + 5 x 285.0 + 203.5 + 118.0 + 96.0 + 72.0 = 2404.0
Total pylon height
82,5 – 98 meters
Foundation type
Deep on driven steel piles, D = 2.0 m, length up to 124 m
Steel orthotropic superstructure
Balanced cantilever method
Hrvatske ceste d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia
Joint Venture Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers, Ponting and University of Zagreb, Faculty of civil engineering
China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC)
Jožef Mrak Award – Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2019
Kolos Award for exceptional achievement in civil engineering – Opatija, Croatia, 2022
Popular culture
The Croatian National Bank issued a new 25 kuna commemorative circulation coin “Pelješac Bridge, 2022”, marking the opening of the Pelješac Bridge.
Croatian Post released a commemorative Pelješac Bridge stamp on the day of the ceremonial opening of the Pelješac Bridge.
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