Ada Huja Bridge over Danube

After successful participation in the tender, Ponting started to design the new bridge over Danube River in Belgrade (Serbia) - the Ada Huja Bridge. The bridge, with its approaches, is almost 3.500 m long, spaning the Danube in total of cca. 1250 m, with a main span of about 200 m. Ponting is a Partner in a JV design team, together with DB Engineering d.o.o. (Belgrade/Serbia) and Gradis BP d.o.o. (Maribor/Slovenia).


Footbridge Tremerje

The main bearing structure of the footbridge Tremerje was successfully assembled on site. The 92 m long structure was placed on two temporary supports in the river bed and both abutments on shores. Curently the steel superstructure is being welded together to reach its full length with the main span of 80 m.


Highway Bridge and parallel Pedestrian Bridge over Krka River

Design team PONTING – PIPENBAHER CONSULTING ENGINEERS won the 1. prize in the competition for the architectural and structural solution of the new Highway Bridge and new parallel Pedestrian Bridge over river Krka near Novo mesto, Slovenia.

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