Verige Bridge

Verige Bridge Verige Bridge Verige Bridge

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Bridge Verige will bridge the Boka Kotorska Bay close to Boka Kotorska town in Montenegro. The bridge is designed as a cable-stayed bridge with two A-shaped 168 m high pylons with spans of 41 + 50 + 90 + 130 + 450 + 130 + 90 = 981 m.

2.80 m deep and 23 m wide pre-stressed superstructure carries four lane highway Hercegnovi – Ulcinj and two pedestrian walkways. The bridge has a aerodynamic shaped cross section, the stays arrangement is semi fan shaped in bridge axis, suspending the carriageway every 10 m. The bright opening beneath the bridge amounts min. 50 m. Bridge is deep founded on wells up to 22.5 m deep.

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