Studenci Footbridge

The Ponting proposal for the new footbridge Studenci represents a divided steel space truss structure. The truss overcomes three existing spans of 42 m, which are dictated by old and almost ruined footbridge at the same location of which only the river piers are to be preserved, renewed and adjusted.

The steel truss bearing structure of the bridge is 2.05 m deep, triangular in cross section and consisting of round steel tubes.

Duality of Double-story bridge, long span of Tito's bridge, framework of Railway bridge, stone supports of the Old bridge and asymmetry of Carinthia bridge were the main concept criteria for the new Studenci footbridge – a new morphologic entity set out of typology of existing bridges in Maribor, Slovenia. Main steel construction is set horizontally on the existing supports, deck is in a slope and offers connection of both walking sides in the middle of the bridge at the highest point of walking. With a gentle rise of the deck, the center placed construction disappears beneath the floor and both walkways merge together – creating a common area above the Drava river, where one gets an undistracted view to all sides. Crossing of the river now becomes an event. There is a decent connection with both riverbanks. On the left bank – city side – with two stone walls wich embrace the entrance and form a small 'piazzeta' on the right bank it decently connects with park.

Project type
Pedestrian bridge
Maribor, Slovenia
Ponting Services
Wining competition design / Preliminary / Final / Detailed design
126 meters
Max. span
42 meters
Span arrangement
42,0 + 42,0 + 42,0 = 126 m
3,2 to 5,8 meters
Foundation type
Shallow foundation, foundation on existing supports
Steel truss structure
Incremental launching construction method
City of Maribor
Architecture: Bogdan Reichenberg, Gregor Reichenberg, Sašo Rek, Miha Milič
Project team
Ponting, Viktor Markelj, Rok Mlakar
Pomgrad d.d., Konstruktor NGR
Footbridge Award 2008 – Porto, Portugal, 2008
City seal of Maribor – Maribor, Slovenia, 2009
Award CSS of CCIS 2009 – Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009
BARNABEU LARENA. A., MARKELJ V., CIPOT G., BARNABEU LARENA J. - Dynamic Response and ontrol of Vibrations in Four Medium Span Steel Footbridges. Structural Engineering International SEI, 2016, 3, 260-267.
MARKELJ V. - Footbridge Studenci over the Drava River in Maribor, Slovenia. Structural Engineering International SEI, 2010, 4, 454-457.