Pedestrian and cyclist bridge over Sava river in Krško

The steel arch structure with a 109.5 meter long suspended cycle and pedestrian deck will connect the old town centre of Krško with its western part (Videm) on the left bank of the Sava River.

The footbridge is designed as an arched structure that crosses the Sava River in a single span. Due to the asymmetry of the bridging conditions, the structure itself is designed in this sense; on the right bank, where the foundation has already been made and the basic geometry of the arched structure has been defined, the arch consists of two separate sections. These merge at the apex into a uniform cross-section that continues to the left bank. The geometry of the superstructure is designed in such a way that it runs between divided arches on the right bank, while the structure widens and retracts to the arched structure and on the left bank, indicating the directions of connection to the multipurpose path running parallel to the Sava River.

Project type
Pedestrian and cyclist bridge
Krško, Slovenia
Detailed design
Ponting Services
Final / Detailed design
109,5 meters
Max. span
101 meters
4,4 - 10 meters
578 m2
Steel arch structure with a suspended cycle and pedestrian deck
Launching method using temporary supports in the riverbed or prefabricated/segmental construction
Municipality of Krško
mag. Peter Gabrijelčič