Footbridge Tremerje

The client wanted the structure to have an innovative and distinctive design, but did not want a suspension bridge due to deformability. 

Due to the torrential nature and frequent floods of the Savinja River, the design conditions required a bridge without support in the riverbed. Consequently, the footbridge is designed with a single span of 80 meters in length; the total length of the construction is 92 meters. Due to the high water, the load-bearing structure is above the deck. Back stays were not feasible because they would extend to private land and to the clear profile of the cycling route.

In the open space between the lush overgrown banks, which offer the most beautiful views of the river, we wanted as little structure as possible. The main steel structure was designed as a space truss structure consisting of two longitudinal circular hollow profiles at the top and the bottom. In fact, there are two plane trusses, but twisted outward into the third dimension. This opens up space for cyclists and pedestrians.

Project type
Pedestrian and cyclist bridge
Tremerje (Laško), Slovenia
Ponting Services
Preliminary / Final / Detailed design
90 meters
Max. span
80 meters
Foundation type
Deep on bored RC piles, diameter 1.20 m
Steel truss structure, Hi-Bond deck
Preasembled steel structure, cast in situ concrete
DRSI, Municipality of Laško
Adriaplan d.o.o.