Footbridge to Ołowianka Island in Gdansk

The pedestrian and cycling bridge over the River Motława connects Gdańsk’s Old Town and the island of Ołowianka and provides, among others, access to the Baltic Philharmonic and parts of the Maritime Museum.

In terms of structural systems, the bridge is divided into two parts. The first is designed as a reinforced concrete integral structure with a span of 13,25 meters. The second, movable part of the bridge is designed as a single leaf drawbridge with a span of 40 meters.

The trunnion is placed on the outer edge of the abutment caisson on the Ołowianka Island. Inside the control building, hidden below ground and water level, the entire mechanical equipment and the electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism are installed. A control building is designed as functional extension of the bridge superstructure. The walking area is divided into two 2,30 meters wide sections on the lifting part of the bridge. The width of the bridge varies from 6 to 8 meters.

The deck is rising to an angle of 65 degrees and takes two minutes for the opening and closing. The fairway is about 29 meters wide when the bridge is open.

Project type
Pedestrian and cyclist drawbridge
Gdansk, Poland
Ponting Services
Winning competition design / Preliminary / Final / Detailed design
70,5 meters
Max. span
40 meters
Foundation type
Deep on bored RC piles, diameter 1.00 m
Steel bascule bridge
Preasembled steel structure, cast in situ concrete
City of Gdansk
In cooperation with Mosty Gdańsk Sp. z o.o.
Project team
La&Co d.o.o. (mechanical engineering), Bruto d.o.o. in Arhitektura d.o.o. (landscape architecture and spatial design)
INTERCOR Zawiercie
Minister of Investment and Development Award – Gdansk, Poland, 2019
City of Gdansk Award – Gdansk, Poland, 2018
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