Ernest Faber Bridge in Coburg

Together with IGS Ingenieure GmbH, Ponting started to design the city bridge in Coburg. This was the first bridge, designed by Ponting, that was built on German soil. The design started in March 2016, the tender for the construction was in September 2016 and the bridge was finished and open to traffic in 2017.

The design presents a pre-stressed, concrete, integral, composit, frame structure with prefabricated beams and cast in place superstructure slab. The clear span of the deep founded bridge (piles D=120 cm) ammounts 25 m, total area approx. 700 m2.

Project type
City road bridge
Coburg, Germany
25 meters
Composite slab beam with pre-stressed ribs
Precast PC girders / in situ RC slab