Bridge over Dunabe in Novi Sad

The bridge is, according to the design competition terms, designed on existing river supports of the old ruined railway bridge. Longitudinal spans of the bridge amount 56 + 92 + 188 + 84 = 420 m. Bridge superstructure is designed as continuous composite girder, with arch strengthened camber in middle span.

In cross section the superstructure consists of 3-cell steel box-shaped 3.5 m deep girder, steel brackets and concrete slab. The whole bridge width amounts 25 m, the bridge carries 4-lane road traffic and pedestrian and cyclist walkways on both sides.

Project type
Highway bridge
Novi Sad, Serbia
Competition, 1st prize
420 meters
Max. span
188 meters
Arch strengthened continuous composite girder
Segmental construction, cast in situ