The overpass Sonce nears completion

After the completion of asphalt paving, the work on the overpass Sonce in Rogaška Slatina is nearing completion. On the overpass, the installation of the railings handle with integrated efficient LED lighting is currently underway, and at the same time, finishing works are being carried out on both end accesses and both elevator accesses. The overpass also successfully passed the load test, fulfilling all design expectations and calculations.

Ponting Bridges are the designers of the new, 177.5-meter-long and 3.5-meter-wide overpass structure for pedestrian and cyclist. Work is carried out by contractors Adriaplan and Petrič.

The overpass will connect the Rogaška Slatina’s old spa area with the Trieste hill, where works have progressed steadily on a 106 meters tall observation tower Kristal, and a larger P+R car park. The overpass will soon serve as a new, safe bike and walking trail for the local community.

Project details: Overpass Sonce