The overpass Sonce in Rogaška Slatina now open to pedestrians and cyclists

Yesterday the official opening of the overpass Sonce took place in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia. Designed exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists, it provides a safe connection between the Rogaška Slatina promenade and the foothill of Tržaški hrib. The new overpass is of significant importance for a tourist destination in which the need for outdoor recreational areas and experiences is even greater.

The efficient, environmentally responsible structure and attractive lighting of the overpass encourage people to walk and cycle. Two additional, vertical accesses with panoramic elevators will be particularly welcome to people with disabilities and the elderly.

The transparent curved steel structure has one larger, 43-meter-long arch span, spanning a main regional road and railway. Ponting Bridges are the designers of the new, 177.5-meter-long and 3.5-meter-wide overpass structure for pedestrian and cyclist. Works were carried out by contractors Adriaplan and Petrič.

At the same time, the nearby P+R parking lot was also inaugurated. Both projects represent an important contribution to sustainable mobility in Rogaška Slatina and are part of the extensive revitalization of the area on the western edge of the spa complex, which will drastically change the identity of the town.

The construction of the 108 meters tall observation tower Kristal is currently underway in the area of Tržaški Hrib, and in the future, the construction of additional tourist capacities and facilities is also planned in the vicinity of the new overpass.

Project details: Overpass Sonce