The Footbridge in Ptuj turns 25 this week

The footbridge is located in the centre of the historical town Ptuj, in a sensitive environment with a high historical value. Despite of the fact that the bridge is designed as a modern composite structure, its structural elements resemble old steel and wooden bridges.

The 154-metre-long composite bridge superstructure rests on four river and two bank supports, the geometry of which resembles the former bridge supports. The steel truss structure is connected with a thin concrete slab, which ends with the curbs, into which a stainless-steel fence is anchored. The bridge is discreetly illuminated.

The grand opening of the bridge took place at the evening on August 2, 1997.

Authors and designers of the bridge engineer Marjan Pipenbaher and architect Peter Gabrijelčič were awarded by ECCS (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork) with European Award for Steel Structures. 

Project details: Footbridge in Ptuj