The Foot and Cycle Bridge in Irča vas officially open

Yesterday the official opening of the footbridge over Krka River took place in Irča vas, Slovenia. The pedestrian and cycle bridge is designed as a stress-ribbon bridge with 130 m span. It crosses the Krka River between Lastovče and Groblje and connects the bike path on the left bank of the Krka River with the existing traffic areas on the right bank, as part of the cycling connection Drska-Bršljin.

Structural and architectural concept of new footbridge over the Krka River, prepared by authors Marjan Pipenbaher, Tomaž Weingerl, Blaž Budja and Rok Jereb from Ponting Bridges, Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers and Jereb and Budja Architects design offices was awarded with 1st prize on design competition among 13 bridge competing entries in 2017. The bridge convinced the jury with its structural concept, transparency and peaceful integration into the natural environment.

Although the beautiful Krka River is mostly serene, flooding is common. The lowest point of the bridge is about four meters above the level of the 100-year flood, and at normal water level it is about 11 meters above the level of the river.

»We wanted to connect the banks of the Krka River in one step, with minimum impact to the environment. The bridge is without supports in the riverbed and softly connects to the banks on both sides without noticeable supports or high embankments,« explained Marjan Pipenbaher and Tomaž Weingerl, and added: »The chosen stress-ribbon bridge concept is one of the most efficient and contemporary  footbridge type. It is a unique bridge in wider region of SE Europe.«

The bridge superstructure is 4 meter wide and only 42 cm thick. The span structure consists of 46 prefabricated segments, installed on fully tensioned bearing cables. Well foundations were used for concrete block abutments on both ends, into which the structure in anchored.

The works were carried out by the contractor JV CGP Novo mesto and Freyssinet Adria. The Investor of the project is the city municipality of Novo mesto.

Project details: Foot and Cycle Bridge in Irča vas