Significant progress on the construction site of the bridge over the Savinja in Laško

A progress being made on a construction site in Laško: the superstructure of the new bridge is completely released, the scaffolding is lowered and partially already dismantled. At the same time, temporary supports in the riverbed are being demolished and expansion joints are being installed (one 16.5 meters long), while the walkways and fascia beams are already being finalized. The work on the OK-2 retaining wall is on the fast track as the contractor finished all preparations and can now concentrate on concrete and anchoring works.

Preparations are ongoing for the waterproofing and pavement of a bridge deck, as well as the concreting of the wing walls in axis 1, which represent the last major concrete works on the construction site. All work is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Project details: Bridge over Savinja in Laško