Production of steel structure for the 177.5 meters long overpass Sonce

The construction of the 177.5 meters long and 3.5 meters wide overpass Sonce in Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia) is well on its way. We recently visited the workshop where the steel structure is being manufactured. Petrič d.o.o. (Ltd), the steel works subcontractor alongside with main Contractor Adriaplan d.o.o. (Ltd), is currently manufacturing individual components of the structure and assembling them part by part.

The transparent curved steel structure will have one larger, 43-meter-long arch span, spanning a main regional road and railway. The arch span and the rest of the structure will be produced in parts and later on transported to site, where they will be welded together to form the complete overpass.

Ponting Bridges are the designers of the new pedestrian and cyclist overpass.

The construction of the overpass Sonce started in October 2021. The overpass will connect the Rogaška Slatina’s old spa area with the Trieste hill, where a larger P+R parking space is being built. It will serve as a new, safe bike and walking trail for the local community.

The new overpass is expected to be completed in 2022.

Project details: Overpass Sonce in Rogaška Slatina