Ponting will give three lectures at the Slovenian Association of Structural Engineers' assembly

Dr. Viktor Markelj will present the new Pesnica Railway Viaduct, from concept to construction. Jernej Maher will also speak about the Pesnica viaduct, presenting its analysis. The overpass Sonce, which was officially opened three weeks ago, will be presented by Rok Mlakar. All three presentations will take place on the first day of the 43rd Assembly of Slovenian Association of Structural Engineers, on October 13, 2022, in Rogaška Slatina.

The new Pesnica viaduct is a 912-meter-long, relatively low, double-track railway viaduct. The viaduct is designed as a series of frame structures connected into an integral structure without bearings. This design concept allows the implementation of a continuous welded rail track (CWR) without expansion joints, with great advantages in terms of traffic safety, economy, sustainability and noise emissions. The construction began in October 2020, the execution deadline is 30 months.

The overpass Sonce is designed exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists and provides a safe connection between the Rogaška Slatina promenade and the foothill of Tržaški hrib. The 177.5-meter-long and 3.5-meter-wide overpass is of significant importance for a tourist destination in which the need for outdoor recreational areas and experiences is even greater. The efficient, environmentally responsible structure and attractive lighting of the overpass encourage people to walk and cycle. The transparent curved steel structure has one larger, 43-meter-long arch span, spanning a main regional road and railway.

Viktor Markelj (1958) is a Partner, Managing Director and a Senior Bridge designer of Ponting Bridges. His notable bridges include the Ada Bridge in Belgrade (2012), Puh Bridge in Ptuj (2007), Pedestrian drawbridge in Gdańsk (2017), Bridge over Mura River (2003) and viaducts Lešnica (2007, 2010). A winner of many awards for his engineering expertise and a lecturer that passes the knowledge to future generations at University of Maribor.

Rok Mlakar (1976) is a Project manager and Bridge designer of Ponting Bridges. In addition to the Overpass Sonce (2022) his most important projects include the award-winning pedestrian bridges, namely the pedestrian bridge in Gdańsk (2017), the Marinič Bridge in Škocjan Caves (2010) and the Studenci footbridge in Maribor (2007), as well as highway bridges K1 and L211 Gleinalmtunnel in Austria (2018), Ernest Faber Bridge in Coburg, Germany (2017) and the bridge over Savinja in Laško (2021).

Jernej Maher (1987) is a Bridge designer of Ponting Bridges. He participated in the project of the bridge over the Savinja in Laško (2021), the railway viaduct Pesnica (under construction), the bridge over the Sava in Brežice (planned), the new tourist footbridge in Celje (planned) and structures on the second section of the northern part of the third development axis (planned).

Event details:
  • Date: 13.10.2022
    • Viktor Markelj: Railway Viaduct Pesnica – from concept to construction (13.10.2022, 10:45)
    • Jernej Maher, Viktor Markelj: Analysis of Railway Viaduct Pesnica (13.10.2022, 11:30)
    • Rok Mlakar, Viktor Markelj: Overpass Sonce in Rogaška Slatina (13.10.2022, 12:00)
  • Location: Cultural Centre Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia
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