Ponting proposal for the Bridge Design Competition in Feldkirchen near Graz, Austria

Ponting, together with our colleagues at Arhimedia, designed a proposal for a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over Mur River in Feldkirchen near Graz, Austria.

A continuous, 3-span, semi-integral reinforced concrete frame structure has spans matching those of the adjacent motorway bridge (31.0 m + 38.0 m + 31.0 m). The prestressed continuous superstructure girder has a straight geometry and a varying structural height (0.85 m - 1.35 m), L/H = 28. Due to the bridge gradient and its structural height development, the bridge gets its characteristic sickled shape, when observed from the river banks. The bridge cross-section is widened in the middle, as we wanted to create new meeting/resting areas above the water for the cyclists and pedestrians ˝Treffpunkt auf der Brücke˝, additionally enriched with light greenery.

The bridge with its semi-integral structural design, clear and simple surface shapes, functional equipment and high-quality details, would most certainly prove itself as a durable, low maintenance and overall sustainable design.

Although our proposal wasn't a winner, we are very proud of it!

Project details: Foot- and cycle bridge Murfeld - Feldkirchen near Graz (Geh- und Radwegbrücke Murfeld - Feldkirchen)