Pedestrians and cyclists’ overpass Titova – east in Maribor is completed

The new overpass at the roundabout of Pobreška and Titova cesta, between University Medical Center Maribor and shopping mall Europark is completed. A 40.5 meters long and 3.74 meters wide steel truss structure will enable cyclists and pedestrians an easier and safer crossing of Pobreška cesta east of the roundabout.
With the new overpass, the Municipality of Maribor wants to simultaneously improve traffic conditions for pedestrians and cyclists in the area and shorten the routes in the north-south direction, especially the connections of the city centre with the University Medical Center Maribor. The overpass will open for traffic after obtaining the operating Permit, presumably yet later this year.
In terms of design, the structure is the same as the adjacent Titova - North overpass, which also was designed by the Ponting and was completed in 2014.
Contractors: Adriaplan d.o.o., Sežana and Petrič d.o.o., Ajdovščina (steel structure)
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