Observation tower Kristal reached the halfway mark

At the construction site of the new observation tower Kristal in Rogaška Slatina, the 13th segment (out of 25) of the column was poured this week. With this pour, a height of 50.05 m above the ground was reached, which is a halfway mark for the column itself. Construction of the Kristal observation tower in Rogaška Slatina has been underway since last April, and the work is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

At the same time, finishing works (floorings, sanitary equipment, carpentry, etc.) are already being carried out at the ground floor. Also, mechanical installations and inner safety stairs are being gradually mounted inside the column.

Once completed, a 108 meters tall observation tower with a two-storey viewing platform and an outdoor rooftop observatory will become the tallest building in Slovenia. The tower was designed by Ponting Bridges and Korpnik produkcija, the contractor is VG5.

Nearby, the overpass Sonce and a P+R parking lot are already completed. The overpass is designed exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists, providing a safe connection between the Rogaška Slatina promenade and the foothill of Tržaški hrib.

Project details: Observation tower Kristal