Loka-Kandija Footbridge is nearing completion

The construction of a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists Loka-Kandija in Novo mesto, Slovenia, is nearing completion. After the completion of the superstructure of the bridge, an epoxy anti-slip deck coating over a metal deck and the railings were carried out. Work is currently underway on both end accesses: the connection to the regional road and the arrangement of a ramp and stairs on the other, left bank to the Župančič promenade.

The footbridge is designed as a steady line across the Krka River, which rests on the single support in the middle of the riverbed and thus relates to the designs of the old railway bridge and the newer Kandija bridge. In the middle, the footbridge also has an extended viewing platform for resting and enjoying the view in the direction of the picturesque Breg and Kapitelj.

The steel structure of the footbridge is 121.5 meters long and 4.3 meters wide. It is located right next to the estuary of Težka Voda creek and Krka River, where there will also be a small entrance square. A ramp and stairs will connect the other, left bank to the Župančič promenade.

Structural and architectural solution of the new footbridge over Krka was prepared by design offices Ponting, Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers and Atelierarhitekti. The chosen contractor, company CGP d.d., started construction work at the end of October 2021.

Project details: Foot and Cycle Bridge Loka-Kandija over Krka River