Load testing of the Pelješac Bridge begins

On Thursday static and dynamic load testing began on the Pelješac bridge. 20 trucks weighing 40 tons operating to conduct the load test.

The aim of the test is to show whether the behaviour of the bridge structure under moving and stationary load is in accordance with the designed values.

Upon completion of the load testing, a technical inspection of the bridge follows. The bridge is planned to open to traffic in June, after completion of access roads.

A 2404-meter long Pelješac bridge, is a multi-span cable-stayed structure with an orthotropic steel deck. The width of the three-cell superstructure is 22,5 meters. The pylon heights above the sea level are up to 100 meters.

The Pelješac bridge project was prepared by Joint Venture Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers, Ponting and University of Zagreb, Faculty of civil engineering.

The author of architectural and structural bridge concept and the Main Designer of the bridge is Marjan Pipenbaher. The client is Hrvatske Ceste d.o.o., and the contractor is Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

Project details: Pelješac Bridge