Load testing of Foot and Cycle Bridge in Irča vas

This Saturday, a very interesting bridge load testing was carried out in Irča vas. Load testing was performed with 18 vehicles weighing 3.9 tons, a total of 70 tons, which represents approximately 60% of the design bridge live load.

Measurements of vertical displacements of the deck and horizontal displacements of abutments were measured with geodetic monitoring during the various placements of the vehicles on the bridge. Digital inclinometers were used to measure the rotation of the abutments. Two permanent measuring anchors with remote data reading are installed on each abutment, with which the forces in the measuring anchors were recorded. On the end dynamic load testing was carried out with measurements of bridge deck acceleration and damping.

Structural and architectural concept of new footbridge over the Krka River, prepared by Joint Venture Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers and Ponting Bridges design office together with Jereb and Budja Architects was awarded with 1st prize on design competition among 13 bridge competing entries in 2017. The bridge convinced the jury with its structural concept, transparency and peaceful integration into the natural environment.

The bridge is designed as a stress-ribbon bridge with 130 m span. The bridge superstructure is 4 meter wide and 42 cm thick. The works were carried out by the contractor JV CGP Novo mesto and Freyssinet Adria.

Project details: Foot and Cycle Bridge Loka-Kandija over Krka River