Kolos awards for exceptional achievements in civil engineering for the Pelješac Bridge project

The Kolos Awards were announced on Thursday at the 16th Days of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers in Opatija, Croatia.

The Kolos Award for exceptional achievement in civil engineering was given to the main designer and one of the authors of the Pelješac Bridge project Marjan Pipenbaher and associate designer Tanja Peteršič Henčič.

Comments accompanying the awards cited that the 2,404 meters long Pelješac bridge, its dimensions, concept, complexity of the project and complexity of construction is by far the largest and most complex construction project in Croatia.

"Moreover, it can be seen as the project of the century, and one of the five largest and most attractive bridges of the 21st century on a European scale," the statement quoted.

It is also stated that the construction of the Pelješac Bridge included technical solutions and technologies that were used for the first time in Croatia, such as a deep foundation on 148 piles, 1.8 and 2 meters in diameter, the longest of which are 130 meters below sea level.

Marjan Pipenbaher (1957) is a Partner, Managing Director and a Senior Bridge designer of Ponting Bridges and Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers. His other notable bridges include Nissibi Bridge over Euphrates in Turkey (2015), Millennium Bridge in Podgorica (2006), the biggest railway viaduct in Israel (2017) and Viaduct Črni Kal in Slovenia (2004). He is a winner of many awards for his engineering expertise and a lecturer that passes the knowledge to future generations at University of Maribor.

Source: HINA/HRT

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