Green light for the suspension footbridge Celje

A building permit has been obtained for the suspension footbridge in Celje, Slovenia. The bridge, designed by Ponting Bridges and Korpnik produkcija, will be 505 m long and 1.20 m wide and will cross the Savinja River valley at a height of approx. 100 m. The load-bearing cables have a static span of 527 m, which means that this will be one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world. The Investor of the project and the construction is the city municipality of Celje.

The new Footbridge Celje will connect the Old Castle on the left bank of the Savinja River with Miklavški hrib on the right and will be the city’s new tourist attraction. It will not change the panoramic spatial image, Celje's most important view, but will become part of the adventurous tourist path and a substantive connection of the old historic city center with the Old Castle of Celje.

The structure will be entirely made of steel, consisting of cables, ropes and hangers and a steel lattice deck. The entry points at both ends of the bridge will be arranged as smaller observation plateaus, through which, the footbridge access will be controlled. The massive reinforced concrete anchorages will also provide enough space to arrange facilities for the operator and public toilets.

Project details: Suspension footbridge Celje