Getting closer to the new bridge over the Sava River on the Brežice bypass

On 15 October 2021, representatives of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Municipality of Brežice signed an agreement on co-financing the construction of the first stage of the Brežice Eastern Bypass. The 1,500-meter-long section will involve a 487 meters long bridge, the longest regional bridge over Sava River.

The foreseen construction technology is incremental launching method with a characteristic span of 56 meters. The construction of the bridge will take place simultaneously with the construction of the water reservoir for the Mokrice hydroelectric power plant. The bridge project was prepared by Ponting Consulting Engineers, and the road project by GPI d.o.o. Novo mesto.

The new bypass will connect regional traffic from Krško and Bizeljsko to Brežice and link it to the motorway, bypassing the city centre. Its purpose is to achieve greater mobility in Brežice and to ensure a better connection between Bizeljsko and the motorway.

The construction of the new bridge is expected to start next year and to be completed by 2024. The investment value of the project is 18.7 million euros.

Project details: Bridge over Sava on Brežice bypass