Gabrovica Railway Viaduct construction is progressing well

The construction of the 424 m long railway viaduct on the new railway line Divača - Koper (Slovenia) is progressing well. Unique prestressed concrete U-shaped superstructure (assuring noise and buffeting wind protection) with spans of 64 m will be launched over up to 64 m high piers without auxiliary supports.

The route of the new railway line Divača - Koper runs over three viaducts. The Gabrovica viaduct represents the most attractive structure of the new line, as it will pass under the Črni Kal highway viaduct.

The project was prepared by Ponting Bridges and Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers offices. The works are being carried out by Yapi Merkezi in accordance with the schedule and will be completed till the end of 2023.

Project details: Railway Viaduct Gabrovica