Footbridge Studenci undergoing partial rehabilitation

The 1st phase of the partial rehabilitation of the footbridge Studenci in Maribor is underway. With it, Studenci footbridge is receiving a preservation that will correct existing conditions that made the bridge look a bit tired, after 14 years of service.

On the bridge, the railings handle and filler are being replaced, including the repair of damaged construction elements and the installation of new, more efficient LED lighting. The railings handle will be, just like the existing one, made of wood, but this time we chose permanently protected acetylated wood Accoya instead of Siberian larch, which has recently established itself in the construction of wooden bridge railings and secondary construction elements.

Due to weather conditions, poor maintenance and, in part, vandalism, the original handles were worn out and damaged in several places (cracks, fractures, weathering). The original LED lighting in the handle was no longer functional and was even painted over in some places.

In spite of a relatively simple and clear structural system, a 126 meters long bridge is distinctly recognizable due to the interaction of its walking surface and structure elevation. Because of the transparency of its truss structure and symmetry, it is neutral to both the environment and the river landscape.

13 years ago in Porto, Portugal, Ponting Bridges received the Footbridge Award for the design and project of the Footbridge Studenci. The Footbridge awards are granted every three years by the Bridge Design & Engineering magazine to the best pedestrian bridges in the world.

Project details: Studenci Footbridge