Footbridge Špica construction status update

On-site construction works are partially completed and currently on hold. The entire substructure of the bridge (piles and abutments) has been completed, awaiting installation of the steel structure, which according to the contractor is scheduled for March 2024. Currently, the steel structure of the bridge is being manufactured in the workshop in Maribor, which is also progressing nicely in the expected time frame.

The footbridge Špica over Savinja in Celje will have a total length of 86.6 m, the span of the bridge will be 76.0 m. The bridge is designed as a simply supported arch ˝Vierendeel˝ beam. The static height of the entire girder varies, due to the arc-tensioned upper belt, from just 1.5 m at the ends to 6.0 m in the middle of the span. The verticals are placed at a distance of 4.0 m and oriented centrally (radially) in respect to the upper chord curvature. The superstructure's bottom chord is strengthened by a composite Hi-Bond deck-slab, adding also to the dynamic stability of the slender bridge.

Project details: Pedestrian and cyclist bridge over Savinja River at Špica in Celje