Foot and Cycle Bridge in Irča vas receives a green light for construction

The Municipality of Novo mesto has signed a contract with the chosen contractor, the company CGP d.d., for the construction of a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists in Irča vas, Slovenia. The works will start this month. The footbridge over the river Krka, which will connect to the local road in Irča vas on the right bank and the lane between the settlements of Lastovče and Groblje on the left bank, is expected to be built in less than a year.

The new footbridge will feature two footpaths and a bike path in the middle. As part of the construction of the structure, access areas will also be arranged, to define the bridge structure as a whole.

»With the given bridge concept, we wanted to connect the banks of the Krka River in one step with minimum impact to the environment. The bridge will be without supports in the riverbed and will bridge the river in a single span length of 120.5 meters. Also, it will softly connect to the banks on both sides without noticeable supports or high embankments,« explained the authors of the bridge’s concept Marjan Pipenbaher and Tomaž Weingerl.

Structural and architectural solution of the new footbridge over Krka, prepared by design offices Ponting, Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers and Jereb and Budja Architects was awarded with 1st prize on the public design competition in 2017 among 13 bridge competing entries. The bridge convinced the jury with its inventive structural concept, transparency and peaceful integration into the natural environment. The bridge is designed as a stress-ribbon bridge. The width of the bridge is 4 meters, the thin superstructure is only 42 cm thick.

Project details: Foot and Cycle Bridge in Irča vas