Five viaducts by Ponting Bridges on the second section of the third development axis North

Ponting Bridges designed five viaducts on the 17.5 km long section of the so-called northern third development highway axis, from Velenje to Slovenj Gradec. While road construction is already on the way, construction of the viaducts Velunja 1, Velunja 2, Ravne 2, Ravne 3 and Škalsko jezero is expected to start later this year. We are in charge for the design these viaducts within a consultant team consortium with companies Lineal, BPI, IRGO Consulting and others.

The Velunja 1 viaduct consists of two alike but independent structures. Due to the oblique crossing of the valley and the steep slopes, the two structures are longitudinally offset at abutments. Both viaducts cross the valley with equal spans of 65 + 100 + 80 + 50 = 295 m. In the area high above the valley, in length of 205 m, the superstructure will be constructed with balanced free-cantilever construction method, while in the spans above the slopes, a cast-in-situ method on fixed formwork will be used. The heights of the pillars range from 18 m to 40 m.

The Velunja 2 viaduct, which consists of 278 m and 282 m long structures with spans of 50 + 65 + 100 + 65 m, has a similar design as Velunja 1 viaduct. The heights of the pillars here range from 8 m to 34 m. Intermediate supports are deep founded on wells with a diameter of 8 m, while the abutments have shallow foundations founded on solid base of conglomerates and sandstones.

The Ravne 2 viaduct consists of two parallel independent structures, with spans of 65 + 100 + 65 = 230 m and a column height of 24 to 32 m. The superstructure of this viaduct will also be built partly with balanced free-cantilever method, and partly as cast-in-situ on fixed formwork. The viaduct crosses the steep slopes above the valley of the Velunja creek. Well foundations are used for intermediate supports, and shallow foundations for abutments, founded on solid base of limestone and dolomite.

The Ravne 3 viaduct consists of two independent structures, which are, due to terrain configuration, of different lengths; left viaduct 198 m, with spans 33 + 3 x 45 + 30 m, and right viaduct 156 m, with spans 33 + 2 x 45 + 33 m. The superstructure will be constructed using the incremental launching method. The heights of the pillars range from 17 to 41 m. This viaduct also crosses steep slopes above the valley of the Velunja creek.

The Škalsko jezero viaduct runs above the roundabout, the connecting road and the cycle path. It crosses the roundabout about 5 m above the final ground level. The viaduct consists of two independent structures 105 m long and with spans of 18 + 3 x 23 + 18 m. The traditional cast-in-situ method of construction is planned.

The northern third development highway axis will establish a new connection from the north to the southeastern part of Slovenia (in the direction from Austrian to the Croatian border). It is expected that the whole northern section from Šentrupert to Slovenj Gradec will be completed by the end of 2027.

Project details: Viaduct Velunja 1
Project details: Viaduct Velunja 2
Project details: Viaduct Ravne 2
Project details: Viaduct Ravne 3
Project details: Viaduct Škalsko jezero