Engineering services for the new bridge over Sava River within Brežice Bypass

Until 19 February 2021, engineering companies can apply for the Engineering Services tender for the new bridge over the Sava River within the Brežice Bypass, issued by the Slovenian infrastructure agency.

It is about managing the construction of a 1500-meter-long road, including a 487-meter-long bridge over Sava. The road project was prepared by GPI d.o.o. Novo mesto, and the bridge project by Ponting d.o.o.

The foreseen construction technology is incremental launching method with a characteristic span of 56 meters. The bridge should be built before the start of filling the water reservoir for the Mokrice hydroelectric power plant. The investment estimate for the bridge is EUR 10 million, and together with the road EUR 18 million.

Additional information (in Slovenian): http://portal.drsc.si/dcjn/narocila/2431-21-000112/narocilo.html

Project details: Bridge over Sava on Brežice bypass