Dr. Viktor Markelj inspiring young people about careers in structural engineering

On Friday, the educational and career day of the Slovenian construction industry 2024 took place at the Megra construction trade fair in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia. This year, too, the focus was on young people, who will be the leaders of the industry in the future. Many school pupils got a chance to hear from construction professionals and be inspired about the job they love.

Ponting Bridges were happy to join the initiative of the Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry of Slovenia and actively took part of the event, as we want to inspire young people to join the construction sector and attract exceptional talents to Ponting Bridges.

In his presentation, dr. Viktor Markelj presented to the young people the profession of a structural engineer, a highly skilled and creative professional who design the strength and stability of buildings and bridges. He presented the charms of the profession through some of the most famous buildings in the world, from ancient amphitheatres and famous bridges to a set of "cool" structures of Ponting Bridges, such as the movie bridge for The Chronicles of Narnia, the drawbridge in Gdańsk, the Marinič footbridge in the Škocjan Caves, the Canopy Walk Penang Hill in Malaysia and a design competition entry for a new footbridge over the Maribor Island.

Dr. Viktor Markelj is a Partner, Managing Director and a Senior Bridge designer of Ponting Bridges. His notable bridges include the Ada Bridge in Belgrade (2012), Puh Bridge in Ptuj (2007), Pedestrian drawbridge in Gdansk (2017), Bridge over Mura River (2003) and viaducts Lešnica (2007, 2010). A winner of many awards for his engineering expertise and a lecturer that passes the knowledge to future generations at University of Maribor.