Construction of the 900-meter-long Pesnica railway viaduct in full swing

The construction of the 900-meter-long railway viaduct across the Pesnica river valley near Maribor (Slovenia) is moving forward as planned.

Yesterday, the second part of the concrete pour was underway at the crossing of the railway viaduct with the existing motorway. The superstructure was constructed with a cast-in-situ method on fixed formwork, a partial road closure and safety measures have been arranged. The design of the support in this part of the viaduct is different, for additional collision safety.

Just two larger concrete pours at its end, and the viaduct will show its final shape.

The spans of the relatively low, double-track railway viaduct are 56 meters (2 x 28) + 7 x 112 meters (27+29+29+27) + 56 meters (2 x 28) long.

The Contractor of the viaduct is Pomgrad. The construction began in October 2020, the execution deadline is 30 months.

Project details: Railway Viaduct Pesnica