Construction of new Godec bridge over Voglajna underway in Štore

Construction of the new Godec bridge over Voglajna river is progressing according to the scheduled timeframe. The contractor, the company VOC Celje d.o.o., has already completed the construction of abutments. The reinforcement of the superstructure is currently being laid. The concreting of the deck is planned to be done in December.

The new Godec bridge is located on the site of the previous structure, which served as access to the settlement Lipa in the Municipality of Štore until the construction of the overpass over the railway and Voglajna River. Later, the bridge was only used as a side access to the Štore Steelworks.

The new bridge will be a part of the national cycling route from Celje to Šentjur. The bridge will be approximately 2.40 m higher in the middle than previously, and will therefore no longer represent a blockage for Voglajna river.

The structure of the Godec bridge is made of reinforced concrete. The static system is an integral frame structure, with a girder of constant structural height of 1.10 m, and the piles as the verticals of the frame. The structure is designed without intermediate supports with a clear span of 22.40 m. The width of the structure is 9.05 m (9.75 m including cornices). The width of the carriageway is 5.50 m, and the cyclists and pedestrians lane is 3.0 m wide, separated from the carriageway by a curb.

Project details: Godec bridge