Concrete poured for Pesnica Railway Viaduct’s first deck segment

Another milestone has been reached in the construction of the 900-meter-long railway viaduct across the Pesnica river valley near Maribor, Slovenia.

Yesterday, 1.570 m3 of concrete was being poured for the first 112 meters of viaduct deck between the viaduct’s five intermediate supports. The construction of the next such segment is expected to follow in two and a half months: until then, the focus on the site will be on erecting supports and preparation of scaffolding. Otherwise, the spans of the viaduct are 56 meters (2 x 28) + 7 x 112 meters (27+29+29+27) + 56 meters (2 x 28) long.

The new Pesnica viaduct will be a relatively low, double-track railway viaduct. It is designed as a series of frame structures connected into an integral structure without bearings. Due to the seismic resistance design, hydraulic devices (STU - shock transmission unit) will be installed between the frames to reduce deformations and transfer forces for instant loads, such as braking force and earthquake.

This design concept allows the implementation of a continuous welded rail track (CWR) without expansion joints, with great advantages in terms of traffic safety, economy, sustainability and noise emissions. In terms of architectural design, the structural design is logic, transparent and neutral to the environment in its appearance.

The Contractor of the viaduct is Pomgrad. The construction began in October 2020, the execution deadline is 30 months.

Project details: Railway Viaduct Pesnica