Conceptual/Tender Design for a footbridge in the Middle East

Ponting Bridges made a Conceptual/Tender Design for a footbridge for the Contractor, as a part of the Resort in the Middle East.

The goals of this Conceptual design were finding the best solution for the bridge (construction, design and safety for the users), plus the landscaping and its maintenance.

The climate in this area is typical of hot desert areas. Summer shade temperatures are frequently in excess 40°C, night temperatures are close to 0°. Strong persistent winds are normal in this area.

The bridge was designed as Suspended footbridge with one span of 120.0 m. The structure itself consist of two main full locked cables 2xFLC 80 mm and steel cross beams connected to the main cable at 3.50 m distance. Footpath consists of steel frame with non-slip timber plank surface.  

Main cables are anchored via anchor blocks and rock anchors to solid rock. Anchoring was provided with permanent rock anchors with bearing capacity 700 kN on both sides.

For lateral stability 2 wind-guy cable FLC 36 was provided.

Project details: A footbridge inside a resort in the Middle East