Bridge over Savinja in Laško nearing completion

Most of the finishing work on the construction site of the new bridge in Laško has been completed. Temporary supports in the riverbed were removed, the pavements and the carriageway are finished and the traffic equipment installed. Currently, final works are underway on the structure, railings and safety nets are being installed on the retaining wall along the reconstructed main regional road behind the bridge, and the riverbed under the bridge is being restored to its original state.

The bridge spans the Savinja River at Marija Gradec in Laško with two asymmetric spans of 75 and 48 meters. It has one river support located outside the main watercourse on a gravel deposit formed as a hydraulic consequence of the river current flow. The bridge's design has a negligible impact on the river current and preserves the cultural heritage of the veduta to the church in Marija Gradec.

The bridge passed the quality inspection this week. A commission review will take place on 15. December, while a technical inspection and the opening of the new bridge are expected in January 2021.

Project details: Bridge over Savinja in Laško