Another successful 1,600 cubic meters concrete pour for Pesnica Railway Viaduct

Tonight, the last 112 m long segment of the Pesnica railway viaduct superstructure, was concreted near Maribor, Slovenia. Approximately 1.600 m3 of concrete was poured in 17 hours, between 4.00 pm and 9.00 am. Till completion of the entire 896 m long viaduct superstructure, only two end spans of 2 x 28 m = 56 m remain.

The new Pesnica viaduct will be 896-meter-long, relatively low, double-track railway viaduct. It is designed as a series of frame structures connected into an integral structure without bearings. This design concept allows the implementation of a continuous welded rail track (CWR) without expansion joints, with great advantages in terms of traffic safety, economy, sustainability and noise emissions.

The Contractor of the viaduct is Pomgrad. The construction began in October 2020, the execution deadline is 30 months.

Project details: Railway Viaduct Pesnica