A building permit obtained for a new footbridge over the Savinja River at Špica in Celje

A building permit has been obtained for a new bridge over the Savinja River at Špica in Celje, the largest bridge structure, of the DKP G13 long-distance cycling connection between Šempeter and Celje.

The footbridge is designed simply supported low-arched "Vierendeel" truss girder. The span of the bridge is 76 m, the height of the steel "Vierendeel" girder varies from 1.5 m to 6.0 m. The verticals are placed at a distance of 4.0 m and oriented centrically (radial) with respect to the upper chord rounding. The arch-shaped upper chord directs the flow of forces and increases the rigidity of the entire structural system. In addition to the steel girders, the bridge deck in the bottom chord is formed and transversally stiffened as a composite Hi-Bond concrete slab. The clear width of the bridge is 3.5 m.

The detailed design has already been prepared and the project is currently in the phase of preparing of the tender for its implementation (construction).

Project details: Pedestrian and cyclist bridge over Savinja River at Špica in Celje