5th place and a recognition for Ponting at the competition in Rottweil, Germany

Together with KRP Architektur GmbH from Berlin, Ponting attended a design competition for the future bridge for pedestrians and cyclists in Rottweil, Germany. In a well-attended international design competition, with several world-renowned engineering and architectural offices, Ponting and KRP took 5th place and a recognition from the jury.

Our solution envisages a bridge with a total length of 160 m and two structural spans of 88 m + 72 m. The bridge crosses a system of several railway tracks and a green, natural area of the Neckar River. The bridge is designed as a steel frame/continuous structure, with functionally divided cross-sections in the individual spans and a V-shaped central support. Two parallel steel girders of variable height are connected by steel crossbeams, the composite walkway consists of cross-laminated wooden panels (CLT, KLH) and reinforced concrete slab walking surfaces.

Project details: Gartenschaubrücke Rottweil

Competition details (in German): Gartenschaubrücke Rottweil 2028